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Page updated/verified: Jun 03, 2015

Agricultural Fairs

For more information e-mail or call (360) 902-1802

Washington's agricultural fairs provide educational opportunities for youth and promote agriculture and the welfare of rural Washington. The WSDA Agricultural Fairs Program provides approximately $2 million in financial assistance to agricultural fairs and youth shows each year. The Director of Agriculture appoints a seven-member Fairs Commission to recommend how the funds are allocated to participating fairs. Currently, 68 fairs participate in the program. The Fairs Program:
  • Coordinates the activities of the Fairs Commission,
  • Audits all required reports and information from participating fairs, and
  • Verifies that fairs operate in compliance with state law.
For a schedule of agricultural fairs and youth shows contact:

Program Staff:

Washington State Fairs Association
Gale Sobolesky, Executive Secretary
P.O. Box 914, Chehalis, WA  98532-0914
Tel: (360) 269-9971 / Fax: (360) 740-1478

Washington State Department of Agriculture
Kelly Frost, Fairs Coordinator
Tel: (360) 902-1802

Washington State Fairs Commissioners

Debbie Adolphsen, Elma
Jim Beck, Centrailia
Kevin Haywood, Jr., Seattle
Larry Nelson, Waterville
Patricia Myers, Yakima
Ron Crawford, Olympia


2015 Exhibition Livestock Health Requirements [945 KB]

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  2015 Fair Directory [external link]


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