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Page updated/verified: Jun 03, 2015

Material Lists & Material Registration

Organic Food Program

Program Manager: Brenda Book
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  1. Materials Approved for Use in Organic Production & Handling
  2. Input Material Registration Information and Forms
    1. Material Registration Guide & Rules
    2. New Product Applications
    3. Renewal Applications
    4. Additional Application Information and Forms

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Materials Approved for Use in Organic Production & Handling

The National Organic Standards require that all certified organic producers, processors and handlers use materials that comply with the applicable parts of the Standards [7 CFR Part 205]. The Standards include the National List, which dictates allowed and prohibited substances for use in organic crop and livestock production, as well as substances allowed in organic food processing and handling.

The WSDA Organic Program maintains a list of products that we have determined meet the requirements under the National Organic Standards. Manufacturers and distributors of these products have specifically requested a review of their formulations and manufacturing processes. WSDA's list is not a comprehensive list of all materials that are allowed for use in organic agriculture, but WSDA certified organic operators can use products that appear on this list and maintain confidence that the use of these products will not jeopardize certification. If you are certified by a certification agency other than WSDA, check with your certifier prior to the use of any material.

WSDA does not provide any guarantee or warranty for materials included on this list, nor do we offer an endorsement to any product.

  1. Brand Name Material List sorted by:
  2. Products Added, Products Dropped, and Product Name Changes (PDF 204 KB)

Organic Material Review Institute Lists

In addition to the Brand Name Material List, WSDA certified organic operations can reference the Organic Materials Review Institute list of approved materials. This list can be found at the OMRI website.

Organic Materials Review Institute (

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Material Registration Guide & Rules

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New Product Applications

If you wish to have the WSDA Organic Program review your material for compliance with the National Organic Standards, please complete the application packet below submit forms to our office with the supporting documentation noted in the application packet.

  1. Organic Input Material Registration - New Application Table of Contents (AGR 2816) (PDF 31 KB)
  2. Guide to Brand Name Material Registration (AGR 2801) (PDF 235 KB)
  3. Organic Input Material Registration - Checklist (AGR 2808) (PDF 37 KB)
  4. Organic Input Material Registration - New Application (AGR 2289) (PDF 57 KB)
  5. Organic Input Manufacturing Facility Information (AGR 2817) (Fillable Word Document 42 KB)
  6. Inspection Authorization Form (AGR 2814) (PDF 46 KB)
  7. Prohibited Practices Statement (AGR 2812) (PDF 30 KB)
  8. Request for Expedited Evaluation (AGR 2312) (PDF 28 KB)
  9. Chapter 15.86 RCW (External Link)
  10. WAC 16-160 (External Link)

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Renewal Applications

Chapter 15.86 RCW and WAC 16-160 requires companies to renew the registration of approved organic input materials on an annual basis. To avoid lapses in registration, renewal applications and applicable registration fees must be submitted to our office by August 15th. To avoid late fees, the renewal form and fees must be postmarked by October 31st.

Our renewal forms are generated internally based on your company's specific information and products, and they are not available on our website. If you are in need of another copy of your company's customized renewal application, please contact our office. If your product formulation or manufacturer information has changed, and you are looking for the forms necessary to communicate these changes to our program, please scroll down to Additional Application Information and Forms to find the applicable forms.

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Additional Application Information and Forms

If you have any questions regarding the Material Registration, please contact the WSDA Organic Program at (360) 902-1805 or email

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